LTE Distributed Small Cell -- RHUB

The LTE distributed small cell is a new type of distributed small cell base station coverage product. The system is based on SoC baseband and radio frequency separation technology, which forms one-to-multiple remote coverage. Frequent handover, macro-mic



  • RF remote CPRI data convergence unit to achieve communication between AU and RU
  • Intermediate network element of new indoor solution, used with AU and RU
  • Receive the DL baseband data sent by the AU, and send it to the RU after combining processing
  • Receive the uplink baseband data sent by the RU and send it to the AU after combining processing
  • Built-in PoE Power input module provides power to RU through PoE interface.
  • Support AU star or cascade networking

Data sheet

Maximum number of RU connections 8
UL service SFP Gigabit CPRI interface*1, cascade*1
DL service ETH 8
Power input(V) AC 220V
Operating temperature -5°C ~ + 45°C
Operating humidity 10% ~ 90%
Dimensions(L*W*H ) 370*270*44mm
Weight <5kg
Power consumption <150W

Product details