LTE Distributed Small Cell -- RU

The LTE distributed small cell is a new type of distributed small cell base station coverage product. The system is based on SoC baseband and radio frequency separation technology, which forms one-to-multiple remote coverage. Frequent handover, macro-mic



  • RF signal processing
  • CPRI data transmission via network cable
  • The transmitting channel receives the baseband signal from the AU, and performs digital-to-analog conversion on the signal. The baseband signal is modulated to the transmitting frequency band using zero-IF
  • technology, and transmitted after filtering and amplification.
  • The receiving channel receives the RF signal from the antenna and then filters and amplifies it. The zero-IF technology is used to down-convert the RF signal.
  • Using built-in omnidirectional antenna
  • Support PoE Power input

Data sheet

FrequencyV Band40
Bandwidth 5/10/15/20MHz
Max Transmit(Tx) Power 125mW/port
Network interface ETH interface * 1
Power input POE 48V
IP level IP30
Dimensions 169* 168* 34 mm(< 1L)
Weight <1Kg
Operating temperature -5℃ ~ + 45℃
Operating humidity 10% ~ 90%
Reliability MTBF: 60,000 hours

Product details