LTE Residential Small Cell

LTE residential small cell is a integrated milliwatt-level low-power base station based on SoC. IT is mainly used in home deployment scenarios to solve the problem of 4G signal coverage in homes.



  • upport voice, video, data and mobile communication services for various 4G terminals.
  • Support multiple IP networks for data backhaul plug and play.
  • Support IPSec function to ensure the secure transmission of data through the broadband backhaul network.
  • Support monitoring and 1588v2 synchronization.
  • Support SON function.
  • Support remote unified management, configuration and remote batch upgrade.
  • With interference indication, equipment abnormal indication and other related functions.

Data sheet

Duplex Mode TDD/FDD
Frequency Band 1, Band 3, Band 40 (Customized frequency)
Bandwidth 5/10/15/20MHz
Transmit(Tx) Power 50mW/port
Concurrent subscribers 24
UL/DL peak rate TDD:30Mbps/110Mbps
Network interface ETH
Power input DC 12V
IP level IP30
Synchronization Air sniffing, 1588v2
Operating temperature -5℃ ~ 45℃
Operating humidity 10%—90%
Max power consumption ≤13W
Dimensions(L*W*H) 140 * 110 *29 mm
Weight ≤1kg

Product details