LTE Core Network

LTE core network locates between LTE eNodeB and business networks, mainly achieve LTE users to access, mobility, sessions and other managements. EPC core network mainly comprises four NE :MME, HSS, SGW, PGW.



  • High reliability: 1 + 1 hot backup, support MME pool networking, support offsite disaster recovery
  • High security: professional end to end encryption, and mutual authentication, air interface encryption, VPN, IPSec and other functions to provide higher security
  • High maintenance: support for local and remote maintenance operations
  • Scalability: Adopt X86 server architecture, the initial network construction using a small capacity, with the growth of the number of end-user equipment can smooth expansion based on demand

Data sheet

Max number of small cell 1024
Max number of users 200000
Data throughput 10Gbps
Operating temperature 10℃ ~ +35℃
Operating humidity 10% ~ 80%
Power input 100-240V AC
Max power consumption 750W
Dimensions(L*W*H) 444 *684 *90mm
Weight 31kg

Product details